Disaster Dogs of Illinois

"Lending paws in time of need, paws saving lives"

Care for Life Program

Disaster Dogs of Illinois (DDI) Care for Life Program

Disaster Dogs of Illinois is committed to the wellbeing of all dogs in our program. However, training dogs for disaster search work is not without risk. Some dogs that initially show great potential upon recruitment are not able to complete the training for various reasons. This can be due to the loss of drive once they become comfortable in their new surroundings or medical issue not detected at first evaluation. Sometimes dogs begin to display previously undetected aggression towards other dogs, uneasy footing on rubble or just refuse to continue to work. When this happens, these dogs are considered unsuitable as disaster search dogs.

DDI is committed to ensure these dogs are placed with loving and safe “Care for Life” families. These dogs are considered working dogs and the “Care for Life” families fully understand the caliber of dog they are receiving.

In some instances, efforts will be made to place these dogs with other agencies allowing the dogs that can continue working to do so; for example, in narcotics, explosive, customs and other service type jobs.

DDI is committed to the care of these special dogs throughout their entire life.  As their advocate, we will ensure that these wonderful and extraordinary animals receive the best possible care and love that they truly deserve.

K-9 Tala

K-9 Tala is now retired from service. As the founding K-9, Tala will be memorialized in the DDI logo forever.

Tala has been placed in the "Care for Life" Program and DDI will follow her thru the rest of her life ensuring she has the comfort and safety of her "Care for Life" family.

Thank you Kathy Cosgrove, DDI "Care for Life" family and founding former DDI President.

K-9 Loki

Our "Care for Life" Manager

Liz Nygard

Liz is an educator for at risk youth, an investigator and also brings a special skill set to our organization. She's an animal lover with pet dogs of her own. She is a wife and mother and enjoys being out working with our dogs. We are honored to have such a dedicated person the manage out Care For Life Program.

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